29 April - 2 May 2015
Marriott Pyramid, Albuquerque
Welcome NCVA Banner by Hospitality Room
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Tours Agent:  Rebecca Raley
Willie, Lola, Margaret and Cruz Mendoza
Churk Markee and Clyde Aldridge
Sam & Patty Thompson
Jim & Cathy Briles and Larry & Isobel Moats
Pinochle Sign-up Table:  Frank Huffman
Check-in Table:  Skot Beazley and Zak Zaklan
Sam & Patty Thompson and Cameron & Kathy Cook
Sheila Craig with SN Schuttlebutt
Standing (l-r):  Jim Green, Bill Hickey, Bill Craig, Ernie Wullenweber,
Jon Henke, Judy Roberts, Dave Fiehtner and Steve Roberts
Seated (l-r):  Steve Thickstun, Lee Parsons, Ken Green and
Spike Pelliter
Late for BOD Meeting:  Clyde Aldridge
Cultural Center:  Sheila Craig
Sheila Craig and Steve Roberts
Bill Craig and Judy Roberts
Judy & Steve Roberts
Bill Craig
Steve Roberts
Sheila Craig
Judy Roberts
Joann & Floyd Schultz
Steve & Judy Roberts
Ellen Gross and Martha Mobley
Ships Store:  Steve Thickstun and Dutch Greenley
Steve & Phyllis Kent
Nina Thomas
Cindy & Harry Stackler
Margrit & John Starling
Mike Thomas
Penny  & Lou Tardona
U.S.S. Georgetown (AGTR-2) John Starling;  U.S.S. Jamestown
(AGTR-3) Mike Thomas;  U.S.S. Belmont (AGTR-4) Bill Craig
and Steve Kent; and U.S.S. Liberty (AGTR-5) Dour Stenzel
Pat Gilbert, Dawn Culver, Cathy & Jim Briles, Ralph Culver
and Timothy Gilbert
Mary Ann & Ed Brogan and Don & Madeleine Bombeck
Suzanne Richter, Tom Flanders, Harry Stackler and
Joe Bearrentine
David Banz, Barbara Staschke, Clyde Aldridge and Jim Green
John Kracke, John Goggin, Bonnie Goggin and Louise Flanders
Penny Tardona, Kathy Davis, Cindy Zaklan with SN Cryptie,
Ann Karoly and Marcia Green
Barbara & Neil Brown
Bill Craig, Lou Tardona and Roger Gordon
Martha & Lee Mobley and Ellen Gross
Gary & Laura Adkins
Team 1B:  Gil Campion, Skot Beazley, Richard Violette
and Lou Tardona
Team 18B:  Steve Kent, Zane Gray, Rick Scifres and
Doug Stenzel
Team 1A:  Jim Kell, Zak Zaklan, Ed Carey and Bobby Freeman
Zak Zaklan and Frank Perrault
Zak Zaklan and Skot Beazley
Team 18A:  Russ Martin, Frank Perrault, Bill Torpey
and Dennis Gallagher
Tournament Winners - Team 18B
Steve Kent, Rick Scifres, Zane Gray and Doug Stenzel
Ouside Turquoise Museum
Bill Craig and Dave Fiehtner
Bob Tuggle, Dave Fiehtner and Rita Tuggle
Al Lubbers
Bill Craig and Steve Roberts
Agnes & John Booker
Sheila Craig
(L-R):  Dick Williams, Dutch Greenley, John Whitmire, Bill Avery,
Ed Lumsden, Harry Stackler, Lou Tardona, Lew Bearden, Skot Beazley,
Roger Polsten, Frenchy Bourgeois, Roger Gordon, Gibber Knipschild
and Daniel Kislus

Not Pictured:  Clyde Aldridge, Buck Owens and John Shipley
Joan & Ron Neuman
John & Marissa Johnson
Anne Christy and Bruce Plummer
Donna & Jim Burns
Eileen & Frank Balajadia
Ken & Deb Wallace
Vince & Eva Morales, Maura Murto, Paula Hargrave and
Maureen Moffett
Judy & Ron Servis
Kathy Davis and Frank Jackson
Bill Hickey, Roy Lamberton and Ray Long
Pat & Gil Campion
Carol, Liesel, Stan and Del Lopez
1st National Reunion
Judy & Steve Roberts
Marge & Gus Gustafson
Ann Karoly
Ron & Iona Bradleyt
Sandy & Buck Owens
1st National Reunion
Carol & Jim Gibbons
Snake & Deb Smith
Doug Stenzel and Paul Sullivan
Richard & Cindi Violette
Ray & Diane Long
Linda & Lee Parsons
Kathy Davis and Tom Shearer
Dusty Durst
Greg & Candy Mitchell and John McCoy
Mark & Rose Svenningsen and Judy McCoy
Bill & Maura Murto
Vince & Eve Morales
Carl & Maureen Moffett
Pat & Dan Currie
Ron & Iona Bradley, Bill Craig, Richard & Cindi Violette,
Sheila Craig, Sylvia Waino and Bill Hickey
Standing:  John Booker, Harry Stackler, Ed & Yvonne Lumsden
and Ernie Wullenweber
Seated:  Agnes Booker, Cindy Stackler and
John & Renee Whitmire
Standing:  Ernie Wullenweber and Suzanne Richter
Seated:  Zak & Cindy Zaklan
Ernie Wullenweber, Cindy Zaklan, Suzanne Richter
and Bobby Freeman
Dick & Sally Markam and Marie & John Sterle
Barbara & PF Hammond
Larry & Carol Bahill
Don Watson
AudreyHull and Chuck Markee
Ed & Mary Ann Brogan
Top of Tram:  Annalee & Mike Heenan
Top of Tram:  Bill Avery & Mike Heenan
Tanya & Sheryl Mac Donald, Roger Hulk and Lori Luttrell
Lois & Lou Franchimone and Alan Borak
Cameron & Kathy Cook
Pat & John Whitworth
NCVA Executive Director Bill Hickey
Distinguished Service Award presented by NCVA Executive
Director Bill Hickey to Gus Gustafson
Distinguished Service Award presented by NCVA Executive
Director Bill Hickey to Steve Roberts
Award for Service as NCVA Treasurer for past 3 years
presented by NCVA Executive Director Bill Hickey to
Judy Roberts
Introduction of VADM Jan Tighe, Commander, U.S. Cyber
Command, Commander, U.S. 10th Fleet by NCVA Executive
Director Bill Hickey
Captain Joseph J. Rochefort Information Warfare (IW) Officer
Distinguished Leadership Award Presentation:  NCVA Executive
Director Bill Hickey, CDR James W. Adkisson, III, USN and
VADM Jan Tighe, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command,
Commander, U.S. 10th Fleet
"On The Roof Gang" Outstanding Marine Cryptologist Award:
NCVA Executive Director Bill Hickey, MSGT Leon Ramson, Jr.,
USMC and VADM Jan Tighe, Commander, U.S. Cyber Command,
Commander, U.S. 10th Fleet
"On The Roof Gang" Outstanding Marine Cryptologist Award:
MSGT Leon Ramson, Jr., USMC and VADM Jan Tighe, Commander,
U.S. Cyber Command, Commander, U.S. 10th Fleet
Presentation of Wullenweber FRD-10 Element from Imperial Beach:
Ernie Wullenweber to VADM Jan Tighe, Commander, U.S. Cyber
Command, Commander, U.S. 10th Fleet
Election Results for Board Members and 2018 Site:
NCVA Executive Director Bill Hickey and Site Coordinator
Dave Fiehtner
Mike & Annalee Heenan
Bridge Players:  Dottie Wittmuss, Annalee Heenan,
Lee Rosendaal and Mary Olsen
Buck Owens and Bill Craig
Bill Craig, Myron Latham and Buck Owens
Magrit & John Starling
Jim & Pat Kell
Sheila Craig, Sylvia Waino and Ann Karoly
Dick & Marlyn Williams
Pat & Dan Currie
Ann Christy and Bruce Plummer
Dick & Marlyn Williams and Pat & Dan Currie
Richard & Cindi Violette
Joe & Pat Pirkle
Gibber & Joan Knipschild
Paula & Roger Polston
Tom Shearer and Kathy Davis
Dave Fiehtner, Ron Haines, John Kracke, Bryce Lockwood,
Don Watson, Steve Thickstun, Frank Huffman and Cindy Zaklan
Present Colors
Two Bell Ceremony
Greetings from Albuquerque Reunoin Host Ernie Wullenweber
Introduction of Awardees by NCVA Executive Director
Bill Hickey
Remarks by CDR James W. Adkisson, III, USN
Invitation to NCVA 2016 Norfolk Reunion by Host Lew Bearden
Passing the Gavel:  2014 NCVA Mobile Host Steve Roberts to
2015 NCVA Albuquerque Host Ernie Wullenweber
Invocation/Benediction:  Ron Haines
DJ:  Complete
Alan Borack, Louie Franchimone, John & Pat Whitworth, Kathy & Cameron
Cook, Lois Franchimone and Iris Borack
Sam Thompson, Louie Franchimone, Alan Borack and Cameron Cook
VADM Jan Tighe, Marcia Green and Ann Karoly
John Kracke at Mesa Point Trail
Dave Fiehtner and Rita & Bob Tuggle
Panorama of Fiesta
Gil Campion and John Kracke
Carol & Jim Gibbons and Snake & Deb Smith
John & Dottie Kracke
John Booker and Bob Brecke
Ron Bradley and John Kracke
Balloon Landed:  Dave Fiehtner
Dave Fiehtner and Lee & Martha Mobley
John & Dottie Kracke and Dave Fiehtner
Mr & Mrs Ron Haines and Dave Fiehtner
Top of Sandia Tram:  Larry Moats and Dave Fiehtner
Top Sandia Tram:  Bob & Rita Tuggle
The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
Basilica Altar
Basilica Stained Glass over Front Door (inside)
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center Carved Entrance Door
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center
Inner Court Yard Wall Paintings (5)
Nativity Scenes from different Pueblos
2 Panoramas painted on walls in the Inner Court Yard
War Memorial
Indian Brave to Modern Warrior
Believe Korean War
Four side views of Globe outside Balloon Museum
Views from tram looking back as we were going up.
View from top of Sandia Peak