2014 NCVA Reunion
Mobile, Alabama
May 12-17, 2014
Projected on Lobby Floor
At Main Entrance to Hotel
Sheila Craig at FT Conde Welcome Center touring Fort
Upstairs Lobby Area
(L-R):  JoAnn Schultz, Betty Morton, Floyd Schultz and Shiela Craig
Hospitality Room
(L-R):  Liz Forrest, Isobel Moats, Angela Standish, Joan Johnson
and Nessie Cooper
Hospitality Room
(L-R):  Myles Standish and Larry & Sandy Dolieslager
Hospitality Room
Bob Cooper and Ron Johnson
Bryce Lockwood
Pinochle Tournament Sign-up
Frank Huffman
Ships Store
Ed Nicholson and Dutch Greenley
Check-in Window
(L-R):  Stan Allsopp, Carol Wilson and Norm Champagne
Hospitality Room
Stan Allsopp and Sheila Craig
Hospitality Room
Bob Pease, Dave Balf, Ed Purcell and Norm Dean
Hospitality Room
Ray Lamberton, Sandy Dean and Kathryn Lamberton
Hospitality Room
Carole King, Sheila Craig and Roger Brady
Hospitality Room
Don & Dinah Summers, Anne Christy and Bruce Plummer
Hospitality Room
Otis Edwards and Barb Forrer
Hospitality Room
Leslie Frazier Jeff Miller and John & Chris McCormick
(RN Contingent)
Hospitality Room
Chris McCormick and Jane Bartlett
Hospitality Room
Barb & Phil Phillips
Hospitality Room
Jane & Hub Bartlett
Hospitality Room
Melby & Bryan Claudy and Ken & Sylvia Morlock
Hospitality Room
Don & Madeleine Bambeck
Hospitality Room
Chantal & Jake Otten
Members of Board of Directors with award for Bob Payne
(L-R):  Bill Craig, Executive Director Bill Hickey, Jay Browne
and Bruce Plummer.  Kneeling:  Steve Roberts
(L-R) Steve Roberts, Joya Zamora and Brian Huttings
Nashville Presentation
Jody Johnson
Penny Tardona, Sharon Butler, Suzzanne Richter, Judy Zaklan
and Ann Karoly
Hospitality Room
Vince &Eve Morales
Hospitality Room
Paula Hargrave and Maureen & Carol Moffett
Hospitality Room
JoAnn Schultz, Gloria & Roger Gordon and Floyd Schultz
Hospitality Room
R390 to be Auctioned
Carol Bahill, Tom Shearer and Larry Bahill
Hospitality Room
NCVA Breakfast Room
Isobel Moats at Breakfast
16' Guns
16" Guns from Bridge
Sheila Craig at 40 Cal Machine Gun Aft
USS ALABAMA (BB60) Engine Room
Sheila Craig
USS ALABAMA (BB60) Radio Room
Elizabeth Willett and Jim Georghegan
Fran & Jim Bedingfield
Tom Hammack and Lee & Lily Gouch
Bonnie Seymour and Ann Keller
Barb Forrer and Otis Edwards
Dan Kislus, Chris Pearce, Scotty Parrish and Bill Pearce
Zane & Mary Nolen
Chuck Markee and Audrey Hull
Ouida & Frank Norris
Sheila Craig and Ed Bates
Sheila Craig and Army Armstrong
NCVA Golf Results
Check-in Window
Norm Champagne, Gus Gustafson and Tom Wilson
Mike Bunnell, Hank Kershner, John Whitmire, Bill Moody and Bryan Claudy

Kneeling (L-R):  Ed Lumsden, Dennis Goodwin and Dutch Greenley
Tena Opava and Andy Isola
Bob Anderson, Ruth Harrison, Sharon Harrison, Gladys Wagner
and Mike Anderson
Hospitality Room
Shirley & Bud Schick
Standing:  Penny Tardona (FMC8)
Table 1
(L-R):  Barb Staschke, Clyde Aldridge, John Twohig and Mike Cooney
Table 2
(L-R):  Tom Flanders, Jack Coulter, George Theis and Louise Flanders
Kathleen Sullivan, Betty Morton and Paul Sullivan
Ed & Marta Hills
Doug Stenzel and Isobel & Larry Moats
Ed & Maryanne Brogan
Bob & Ruth Haskell
Ron & Janet O'Day
Janis & Ray Hanes
Marcia Green and Judy Mahoney
Patty & Frank Kruger
Jack Coulter and Ed Nicholson
Ouida & Frank Norris and Ed Bates
Norm Dean, Roger Brady and Carole King
Ray & Diane Long
Pat Goodwin, Sheila Craig and Dennis Goodwin
Tom Shearer, Kathy Davis and Roger Huck
Lew & Kathy Bearden
Leslie Frazier, Jeff Miller and John & Chris McCormick
Dave & Beverly Danborn
Belinda & Jim Veluzat and Ed Doggett
Mary & Zane Nolan
Mel & Wanda Melford
Roger Gordon (Instructor)
Hospitality Room
Dawn Culver, Kathy & Jim Briles and Ralph Culver
Cryptologic Command Display
Bob Anderson
Cryptologic Command Displaly
Cryptologic Command Display
NCVA Tour Group
1st Reunion
NAS Pensacola Naval Air Meseum
Sheila Craig
NAS Pensacola Naval Air Mesuem
Bill Craig
Ships Store
Tena Opava and Andy Isola
Hospitality Room
Hospitality Room
Keith Barton
Hospitality Room
Scottish Wives from the 60's
(L-R):  Joan Johnson, Jenny Morenz, Dawn Culver, Isobel Moats,
Liz Forrest, Kathy Briles, Phyllis Kent, Angela Standish,
Nessie Cooper and Sheila Craig
Hospitality Room
(L-R)  Jim Briles, Mel Morenz, Bill Craig, Ralph Culver, Bob Cooper,
Ron Johnson, Larry Moats, Myles Standish and Ed Forrest
(L-R):  Bill Craig, Lois & Bryce Lockwood, Liz & Ed Forrest,
Jenny & Mel Morenz, Joan & Ron Neuman, Bob & Nessie Cooper
Award Plaque for Bob Payne
Executive Director Bill Hickey Opens General Meeting
The OTRG Memorial for Outstanding Marine Corps Cryptologist
(L-R):  RADM Jerry Clusen, USNR, Ret., GYSGT John F Kirk, IV, USMC and
Executive Director Bill Hickey
Award for Cryptologic Support Excellence
(L-R):  RADM Jerry Clusen, USNR, Ret., CTMCS (IDW) Ricky L. Pottebaum,
USN and Executive Director Bill Hickey
Executive Director Bill Hickey and Site/Vote Coordinator Dave Fiehtner
2017 - Nashville, TN
Jerry Clusen, Niel Berg, Mel Morenz, Ron Neuman, David Welty and
Jim Walters.  Sitting:  Joe Pirkle
Southern Belles with Sheila Craig and Pat Goodwin
Southern Belles with Coryle Roberts
Banquet Tables before Guest arrive
Tom Wilson and Sheila Craig
Banquet Tables before Guest arrive
Co-Host:  Steve Roberts and Tom Wilson
(L-R):  Ron Haines, John Kracke, Bryce Lockwood, Don Watson,
Steve Thicksun, Jackie Lowery and Frank Huffman
Welcome to Banquet by Steve Roberts
Color Guard Commander
Lee Mobley
Table for Two Bell Ceremony
Steve Roberts Family
Cindy Barnes,  Jacklyn Roberts-Moller, Steve Roberts
Standing:  Coryle & Judy Roberts
Lou & Penny Tardona
Lou & Penny Tardona and Patrick McWilliams
and Jodi Hanlon
Lois & Bryce Lockwood
Sheila & Bill Craig
Photo by:  Jodi Hanlon
Table 19
(L-R)  Sheila & Bill Craig, Lois & Bryce Lockwood, Lou & Penny Tardona
Award for Bud Schick presented by Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts, Bob Anderson and Tom Wilson
Welcome to Albuquerque by Larry Bahill with challenge to
learn correct spelling of Albuquerque.
John Koval and son Michael Koval
Dan Curry and Dick Williams
Mike Bunnell, Dexter Sauer and Ricky & Bonnie Sue Pottebaum
Mike Cooney and Capt John McCoy, USNR
Tom Lowe and Bob Stauffer
Judy Gorby and Ted Richard
Frank & Eileen Balajadia
Lee & Martha Mobley
Ken & Judy Gorby
Sheila Craig and Tom Lowe
John Barrett Sr and John Barrett Jr
Carolyn Proctor and Ellen Gross
Shrimp Boil
Bill & Sheila Craig
NCVA Breakfast Room
Chuck Markee and Audrey Hull
NCVA Breakfast Room
Carole King and Roger Gordon
Carole King and Bryce Lockwood
NCVA Breakfast Room
Pauline & Craig Chaffee
Ed Godbehere
Elke & Jim Beilstein
NCVA Breakfast Room
John & Kathy Twohig
Norm Dean and Lee Gough
Hospitality Room
Lee & Lily Gough
Hospitality Room
Carole King and Roger Brady
(L-R):  Andy Isola, BJ Haller, Dino Barela, Roger Brady and Doug Stenzel
Bernie Haller and Charlie Moss
Charlie & Vera Moss
NCVA Mobile Banquet
Lew Bearden
NCVA Mobie Banquet
Sandy & Norm Dean
NCVA Mobile Banquet
Arda & Chuck Rauscher
NCVA Mobile Banquet
Don & Cynthia East
NCVA Mobile Banquet
Neil & Elaine Berg
Hospitality Room
Hospitality Room
Joe Harmon, RG Campbell and Rob Robinson
Rob Robinson, Swain Britt and Mike Canavan
Rob & Barbara Robinson
Shrimp Boil
Shrimp Boil
Past Reunion Banner
Norm Dean, Lee & Lily Gough and Sandy Dean
Roger Brady and Carole King
Joe Straub, Bob Pease and Mel Melford
Dave & Carolyn Welty
Two O Branch Instructors
Army Armstrong and Lee Mobley
Carol Wilson and Honey Cottrell
Tom Cottrell, Dick Dupruis and Linda & Steve Graham
(Linda and Steve's 1st Reunion)
Morse Code on side
of Building