MAY 26-29, 2013
Photos by Bill & Sheila Craig
Hospitality Room:  Mike & Nina Thomas
Hotel River Front Patio:  Savannah River View Night
Hotel River Front Patio:  Savannah River View Day
Hospital Room:  Bill (Mac) Mackrits, Andy Isola, Larry Moats and Ralph Culver
Hospitality Room:  Executive Director Bill Hickey and Sheila Craig
Breakfast Buffet:  Clyde Aldridge
Hotel River Front Patio:  Container Ship on Savannah River
Tybee Island Tour Group Photo
Sheila Craig on Drawbridge at entrance to Fort Pulaski
Sheila Craig inside Fort Pulaski
Sheila Craig on top level with cannon on southwest wall Fort Pulaski
Inside Fort Pulaski
Tybee Island Lighthouse
Flags flying at Fort Screven, Tybee Island across from Lighthouse
Bill Craig on top of Fort Screven with Tybee Lighthouse in background
Norfolk Presentation by Lew Bearden - Winner Norfolk in 2016

Back Row (L-R):  Tom Lee, Al Lukievics, Berne Hamilton, James Kontia, Greg Welch,
Middle Row (L-R):  Jim Reeb, Dutch Greenley, Rocky Couch, Tony Paisco and Lew
Front Row (L-R):  Dennis Goodwin, Jack Moore, Frank Turbin, Bryan Claudy, John
Norosky, Tom Lowe, Frenchy Bourgeois, Mike Bunnell, Lou Tardona and Jack O'Neil

Not Pictured:  Rusty Gooch, Paul Moore, Harry Stackler and Skot Beazley
Hotel River Front Patio:  Lou Tardona
Hotel River Front Patio:  Charlie & Ellie Dale
Hotel River Front Patio:  Nancy & Ray Senavitis
Hotel River Front Patio:  Patty Kruger, Jim Melhorn, Lou Tardona, Layne Weir and
Fred Kruger
Hotel River Front Patio:  Lee & Lily Gouch
NCVA President Larry Bahill, Bob Payne, Don Ratliff, Lee Mobley, Bruce Plummer and
Dave Fiethner
John Koval, Bill Craig, Penny Tardona, Roger Huck and Steve Thickstun
John Barrantine, Jon Henke, Gus Gustafson, Steve & Judy Roberts and John Koval
Checking In:  Bryon "Butch" & Mary Armendt, Dottie Kracke and Ann  Karoly
Hospitality Room:  Rock Couch, Sheryl & Tanya MacDonald
Hospitality Room:  Eileen Palazzone, J.J. Zulsnack, Charlie Dale and Al Lukievics
Hospitality Room:  Terry Anding, Ken & Sylvia Morelock and Melba Claudy
Hospitality Room:  Vaughn Zelinsky and Chuck & Freda Benner
Hospitality Room:  Steve & Phyllis Kent
Hospitality Room:  Larry & Sandy Dolieslager
Hospitality Room:  Mel & Jenny Morenz
Hospitality Room:  Ed & Liz Forrest (1st Reunion)
Hospitality Room:  Willy & Lola Mendoza
Hospitality Room:  Pat & Don Ratliff
Lobby Area:  Judy Mahoney and Marsha Green
River Front Walk
Savannah's Waving Girl
Hotel River Front Patio:  Sheila Craig with Hernando DeSoto Monument
Hospitality Room:  Vera & Charlie Moss
NCRA Memorial Day Service Set-up
NCRA Sideboys:  Capt. Patrick Murphy, Capt. Ken Green, CWO4 Earl Blackstone,
LCDR Dennis Goodwin and CTICS Kathy Davis

Sideboy Commander:  Capt. Lee Parsons
Master Chief Tom Shearer
Captains Mark Svennington and Peter Vannes
Memorial Day Address by Capt. Mark Svennington
Lobby Area by Hospitality Room:  Ken Hoover and Sheila Craig
Hospitality Room:  Bob Payne, Bud Schick with initiation trough and John Noroski

Bob Payne and John Noroske were initiated by Bud Schick on 16 February 1966
Hospitality Room:  Bev Harmen and Layne Weir
Hospitality Room:  Jim Harmen, Bill Craig and Tim Weir
Hospitality Room:  Randy & Laurie Cecil
Hospitality Room:  Rachel Moore and Donna Hamilton
Hospitality Room:  Rocky Couch and Bob, Angie, Mike and Yoshi Anderson
Hospitality Room:  Barb & Bill Remsing
Hospitality Room:  Don & Sally Markam
Hospitality Room:  Sandy Hockstein and Ed & Liz Forrest
Hospitality Room:  Bob & Sandy Burke
Hospitality Room:  Carol King and Roger Brady
Hospitality Room:  Valerie Finnegan, Bill Hazel and Brian Finnegan
Hospitality Room:  Dave & Peg Phillips
Hospitality Room:  Barb & Neil Brown and Joe Pirkle
Hospitality Room:  Lani Sigmon, Janet Burditt, Paulette & Jim Givens
Hospitality Room:  Doug & Lani Sigmon
Elaine & Dick Dupuis, Sarah & Dave Nason, Tracy Wilson and Pete & Linda Foster
NCRA Meeting:  Group Photo
FRUPAC Group Photo:  (L-R):  Len Veraldi, George Arsics, Roger Gordon, Dick
Marker, David Welty, Chuck Bradbury, Ross Rosendaal, Doug Stenzel, Joe Pirkle,
Lee Parsons, Willard Sitton, Ken Green, Bob Craig, Bill Hickey, Ron Neuman, Jon
Henke, Neil Berg, Rusty Gooch, Larry Wandel and Mel Morenz
Liberty Group Memorial Set-up
Bryce Lockwood, Dave Lewis, Bob Scarborough, Al Easton, Ed Bechtel, James
Moe Shafer Welcome remarks
Memorial Day Address by Bryce Lockwood with Moe Shafer and Dave Lewis
Dave Fiehtner in background
Dave Lewis rings ships bell as deceased crew members names are read
Bryce Lockwood presents plaque to Dr. Anthony Wells making him an Honorary
Crewman of the U.S.S. Liberty

Roger Brady, Dave Welty, Doug Stenzel, G. Orchard and Bob Burke
Lobby Area:  Frenchy Bourgious and Doug Stenzel
Laurie Cecil, Marsha Green, Ann Karoly, Layne Weir, Judy Mahoney and Cheryl Tebo
Attended Meeting not in Photo:  Jackie Geltis and Pam Pirkle
Scottish Wives (Mainly from the 60's)

Dawn Culver, Liz Forrest, Joan Johnson, Ann Gove, Maggie Lenox, Nina Thomas,
Isobel Moats, Maureen Zelinsky, Phyllis Kent, Jenny Morenz, Kathy Briles, Nessie
Cooper, Georgia Ramey, Sandy Dolieslager, Angela Standish and Sheila Craig
Edzell, Scotland Men's Group (Mainly from the 60's)
Bob Cooper, Doug Stenzel, Myles Standish, Vaughn Zelinsky, Ron Johnson, Ralph
Culver, Jim Briles, Mel Morenz, Larry Moats, Bob Ramey, Bill Craig, Ed Forrest, Nike
Thomas, Steve Kent, Larry Dolieslager, Cal Fulmer and Spike Pelletier
Lobby Area:  Bob Anderson, Bob Payne, Angie Anderson and Agnes & Dr. John E.
Lobby Area:  Tom Hanneke, Lou Franchinmone, John Whitworth, Cameron Cook and
Al Borack
Lobby Area:  Tom & Pam Hanneke, Lou & Louis Franchimon, John & Pat Whitworth,
Iris & Al Borack and Kathy & Cameron Cook
Lobby Area:  Sidni Hecox, Grace Masters and Janet Zellmer
Pinochle Tourney:  Clyde Aldridge, Frank & Margie Huffman, George Theis, Louis &
Tom Flanders and Barb Staschke
NCVA Executive Director Bill Hickey
VADM Mike Rogers, USN, Commander U.S. Fleet Cyber Command/U.S. 10th Fleet;  
CTMCS (Information Dominance Warfare/Submarines) Michael J. Bunnell, USN and
MGYSGT Steven B. Vega, USMC
VADM Mike Rogers, USN and MGYSGT Steven B. Vega, USMC
VADM Mike Rogers, USN and MGYSGT Steven B. Vega, USMC
VADM Mike Rogers, USN and CTMCS (IDW/SS) Michael J. Bunnell, USN
VADM Mike Rogers, USN and CTMCS (IDW/SS) Michael J. Bunnell, USN
Steve Robers, 2014 Reunion Host reports on Mobile, Alabama with Executive
Director Bill Hickey
Cryptolog Editor Bob Payne
Voting Procedures Report by Dave Fiethner with Executive Director Bill Hickey
Two Instructors (I) with their Student (S):  Bill Craig (I), Lou Tardona (S) and Roger
Gordon (I)
NCRA Group:  Master Chief Tom Shearer, Capt. Ken Green, LCDR Dennis Goodwin,
CTICS Kathy Davis, Capt. Lee Parsons, RDML Jerry Clusen, Capt Ron Hecox and
Capt. Mark Svennington
NCRA Group:  Master Chief Tom Shearer, Capt John McCoy, Capt Patrick Murphy,
Capt Ken Green, Capt Mark Svennington, LCDR Dennis Goodwin, Capt Lee Parsons,
Capt Ron Hecox, CTICS Kathy Davis, RDML Jerry Clusen, Capt Peter Vannes and
Capt (RMDL Sel) MacDonald
Southern Gentleman and Lady

Bob & Edith Payne
Pam Pirkle (Representing the Women of the Armed Service) and Lee Mobley Color
Guard Commander
Thickstun (Rifle Escort)
Invocation:  Ron Haines
Two Bell Ceremony:  Dave Fiehtner, Lee Mobley and Pam Pirkle
Ceremony to Mrs. Rogers
Welcome remarks from 2013 Savannah Reunion Host Lee Mobley
Lost & Found:  Dave Fiehtner reporting items lost and found during the reunion
Oldest NCVA Member Present at Reunion:  Bill Jackson (93)
Dave Fiehtner with Bill Jackson
NCVA Executive Director Bill Hickey
CWO4 Jim Reeb and CTMCS (IDW/SS) Michaell J Bunnell display Naval Security
Group Plaque and Flag rescued by CWO4 Reeb's son.  Plaque and Flag were given
address Banquet Guest
2014 NCVA Mobile, Alabame Co-Hosts Steve Roberts and Tom Wilson report on
Mobile Reunion
2012/2013 NCVA President Larry Bahill passes the Gavel on to 2013/2014 NCVA
President Clyde Aldridge
Larry & Pam Porter
Shirley & Bud Schick (FMC-1)
Bob & Angie Anderson (FMC-4)
Frank & Margie Huffman
Vicki & Maynard Shigley (1st Reunion)
Ray & Diane Long
Capt John McCoy and Master Chief Tom Shearer
Melinda & Capt Lee Parsons
CTICS Kathy Davis
Standing (L-R):  Jerry Weatherholtz, Rich Gamache, Merve Henke and Teddy Roberts

Seated (L-R):  Skipp Clapp, Roger Gordon and Judy Mahoney
Bill & Sheila Craig
Photo by:  Mary Ann Floyd
CWO4 Jim Reeb and Ted Richard
Photos from Jack Mirabelli
Ruth Harrison
Pat & Howie Fontaine
John & Bonnie Goggin